Canada and China go to war – over the We Vibe sex toy!

We Vibe

The world's best selling sex toy for couples is the subject of an international trade dispute

There isn’t a more peace loving nation than Canada. The true north, strong and free. The land of beer and beavers.

But if there’s one thing Canadians cherish as much as poutine and ice hockey, it’s their sex toys. Ask any cam girl, and she’ll tell you, some of the best unmentionables come from the great white north. It’s truly a secret source of national pride.

One of Canada’s true claims to fame is that of being the creators of the worlds best selling sex toy for couples – The We Vibe 3 (hint guys – it makes a great stocking stuffer – you can have one discreetly shipped from the Eden Fantasy online store).

This little remote controlled, waterproof device is a true marvel of  technological design. It’s the first first strapless, wireless, dual-motor vibrator that can be worn internally by women while making love. The design is so unique, that the inventors have been granted a patent on it’s pleasure giving prowess.

Given that the unit has sold more than 2 million units, it wasn’t totally unexpected that the device would be cloned by none other than the Chinese, who may frown on sex at home, but have no problem exporting it illegally abroad. A cheap knock-off of the device is being sold at various locations in America, therefore the Canadian company has launched an official complaint with the US International Trade Commission. Of course, legal discourse cannot use the term “sex toy”, so lawyers have come up with a clever substitute; “kinesiotherapy device”. If that doesn’t sound sexy, nothing does!

So there we have it, Canada and China, at war over a dildo, fighting their battles in the United States. Like our country doesn’t have enough problems as it is.

So your turn couples – do you use the We Vibe 3? If so, let us know how you like it in the comments.

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