Our Top 5 Erotic Photography Websites Picks

Erotic Photos and Photography

Erotic Photography has been around for almost 200 years

We love the webcam lens, but we’re also quite fond of still pictures, especially those that capture the beauty of the human body.

Erotic photography dates as far back as 1835. In it’s early years, it was referred to as  ‘vintage photography’ and was a visual treat reserved for artists and the upper echelons of society. Back then, a single photograph could cost as much as a full week’s salary.

Today, erotic photography is practically mainstream. Thousands of photographers have websites and blogs that display some truly impressive works. Here are some of our favorites.


If variety is the spice of life, then Zivity is certainly the flavor of the month. Zivity is an ad free social network that brings models, photographers and erotic art fans together in a way that is truly unique. A membership allows fans to vote with their dollars for their favorite models and photographers. We really enjoy this sites and the method by which it supports the arts.

Click here to visit Zivity.com

Hegre Nudes

Regular readers of our blog already know that we are big fans of the Hegre Erotic Massage Videos. But there is so much more to their site. Hegre features not only some of the best models the world has to offer, but also some of the world’s best erotic art photographers. Their work truly worships the beauty that is the human body.

Click here to visit Hegre.com

 MET Nude Art

MET Erotic Art and is a veteran of  the nude photography scene with a portfolio that spans over 10 years. The collection includes works that document over 2000 of the most beautiful models in the world and features women from their late teens to their late forties. A nice bonus is that the site does not limit itself to photography – it also includes artistic video montages of some of their most famous models.

Click here to visit MET Nude Art


Looking for some new artwork to grace the walls of your Man Cave? This is a great place to start your search. Some of it may be tacky, some of it quite good, but it’s all affordable. Nothing distracts your Texas Hold’em buddies quite like a full sized erotic poster – so go ahead, treat yourself, it’s almost Christmas after all!

Click here to visit AllPosters.com


I know what you’re thinking – YouTube? We all know that pornographic material is not allowed on the Tube, but the service tends to be quite good at recognizing works with artistic integrity, even when such works feature mild nudity. A simple search for Erotic Photography will bring up a wide selection of videos, some of which are quite good, such as the selection below.

Have any other good Erotic Art and Photography sites to recommend? If so, share them with us in the notes section.

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  1. It seems like most of the tease videos go up on youtube just to try and stay in their guidelines. It does not seem to work most times though.