Girl uses online dating site in effort to weather the economic downturn

Online dating for food

Woman uses online dating to score $1200 worth of meals in a single month!

Having trouble making ends meet? You might want to take a cue from this enterprising young woman.

Seems the lady in questions was able to eat out 5 nights a week for free by arranging dinner dates using an online dating site. In case your wondering, that works out to $1200 worth of meals a month. And that’s with no repeats – each meal was enjoyed with a different man. No word if she put out at the end of the evening, but hey, condoms are cheaper than food.

Turns out she ate better meals, probably put on a few extra pounds, but ended up saving over $500 per month. She claims that online dating is a great way to beat the recession. I can think of 20 men who would probably not agree!

The woman in question has now settled into a regular relationship and is happy her to be out of the dating game. She claims it was lucrative, but ultimately exhausting.

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