Why sound is an important part of the webcam sex experience

Wireless USB headset for webcam sex

A wireless USB audio headset with mic can be a cam girl's best friend

Recently came across an interesting question in Yahoo Answers.

A couple had recently began a long distance relationship due to a job transfer. In order to maintain a level of sexual intimacy, the couple had begun to engage in webcam sex using Skype. This was working well for them in the beginning, but they now wanted to take their online sex chats to the next level.

Too often, webcam sex is considered a visual experience, when in fact, it’s a multimedia experience. The audio portion of the encounter is just as important as the visual elements, and yet, is often overlooked.

Want to take your cyber sex encounter to the next level? Get yourself a nice lightweight wireless USB audio headset with a built-in microphone. I know, it may sound crazy, but think about it. Not only will you be able to watch your partner, but you’ll be able to hear every breath they take, every moan they utter and every word they speak. It’s hard to put into words how much better your cam sex sessions can be with better audio. And as a bonus, you can walk around the house while chatting on Skype and not have to worry about wires – how cool is that!

A while this advice is great for couples who are into Skype based intimacy, there is also a lesson here for independent cam girls. Most webcam models know that the secret to success is to build a loyal customer base, and to do this, you need to distinguish yourself from the competition. Providing high definition video is a good start, but I think that providing quality audio is what will keep your customers coming back for more.

The secret to building a loyal fan base is to connect with your customers on an emotional level. You want to foster that feeling of intimacy. It’s not just about watching your physical being, it’s about getting to know the person inside the body. That’s what will turn your webcam show into a true girlfriend experience. And for some customers, that feeling is as precious as gold.


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One thought on “Why sound is an important part of the webcam sex experience

  1. A scratchy sound can ruin even the best picture in my opinion. Or that can be vice-versa also, you need the best of both worlds.