Chrome update will add direct support for video chats via WebRTC

Native video chat services being added to Chrome using open source software WebRTC

Google Chrome will soon include open source video chat software WebRTC

When Microsoft laid down some serious coin to acquire Skype, it was a pretty good bet that Google would also want a piece of the video chat action.

Everything Google does is browser centric, and today, it was announced that their Chrome browser would soon incorporate support for the open source video chat application WebRTC.

This is great news for the webcam sex industry, as it will allow sites built with HTML5 to leverage a standard, in browser video chat client.  This might well be another nail in the Adobe Flash coffin, as an open source video streaming client will surely supplant Adobe’s proprietary technology.

We love Google and their open source approach to product development. It brings free technology to the masses and encourages both creativity and innovation.


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