We need help with masturbation!

Guys do it all the time – and so do girls. They’re just a tad more discreet about it, and don’t get stains all over the head board. As Woody Allen once said, “Don’t knock masturbation, it’s sex with someone you love.”

Being a blog that deals primarily with all things related to webcam sex, we though we’d pleasure ourselves by tickling everyone’s funny bone.

We’ve all heard the male catch phrases for masturbation; “spank the monkey”, “choke the chicken”, “entertain Sidney the one-eyed wonder snake” – but what about catch phrases for female masturbation?

I’ve come up with “Caressing the Lonely Love Clam” and “Buttering the Misbehaved Beaver”. Think you can beat those, let’s see you try.

Lend us a (free) hand and hit us up in the comment section with your favorite female masturbation catch phrase.

Female masturbation

Help us find the perfect catch phrase for female masturbation - send your along in the comments secion.


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