Why webcam sex models are experts in marketing

Cam girls are marketing experts

Cam girls a pretty, but they are also very smart marketers with lots of business savvy.

I admire webcam models for a number of different reasons, but lately I’ve come to appreciate them for a whole new reason. Believe it or not, these girls are experts at mass marketing. Just log into free webcam site MyFreeCams.com and browse through the top 15 cam girls. What you’ll notice is how much thought and creativity these girls have put into their shows.

One cam girl even went as far as rigging a cam-in-cam feed that allows viewers to watch her from two different angles at once. How cool is that. Check her out for yourself on MyFreeCams.com, her username is Hallebarely18.

We love how the girls compete with each other for that coveted top row on MyFreeCams.com. Yes, the girls are beautiful and fun to watch. But take some time to admire them for the work that they put in behind the scenes –  their physical fitness, grooming and marketing smarts. There is so much more to these girls than their pretty looks.

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