Lesbian Webcam Sex for Dummies

Lesbian Webcam Sex

Direct your own live lesbian sex show via webcam

It’s probably the number 1 sex fantasy for men. Watching two beautiful girls having sex with each other. You might think that lesbians who perform on cam are a dime a dozen, but beware – most are fakes, and will waste your time and money. Let us help you avoid the pitfalls and get the best bang for your lesbian buck.

The first thing to look for is chemistry between the two performers. Real lesbian webcam stars tend to flirt and be touchy feely with each other when sitting in free chat mode. If the girls seem distant towards each other, chances are the’re not the real article.

The next thing to do is strike up a conversation with the girls. Cam girls all know one thing – when a customer starts asking specific questions about what the girls do during their performance, it’s because they are interested in buying a show. So don’t be shy, and by all means, be specific. If you want girl A to site on girl B’s face, ask before hand if that is something they are willing to do.

Another important thing to do is make it clear before the webcam show starts that you want an unobstructed view of the action. Many “fake” lesbian cam girls will bury their head between their partners legs in such a way as to obstruct the view, and then fake eating her partner out. These fake lesbians are a dime a dozen – make sure to be very specific in free chat in terms of what your expectations are.

The next thing to watch out for are time wasters. These are girls who will take forever to get naked and down to business as a means of making more money. Specify before the show starts that you want them to get undressed and into their first position within 60 seconds of the show starting. Be pleasant, but firm on this point.

Last, but not least, you want the “porn director experience”. That means that you tell the girls in very explicit detail what you want them to do, and they follow your orders right away. Tell them before hand that you want dildo play, ass play, 69 and face sitting, or whatever else tickles your fancy. Ask them if they are comfortable following your orders. This will make or break your cam experience, so get commitments from the girls before you commit your money.

So, where are the best sites to find a little lesbian love? We have a few suggestions.

If you want to jump right into the action at the very best price point, head on over to SEXIER.COM – they always have a good selection of lesbians who are eager to earn some money. Many girls will perform for a little as 99 cents per minute.

If you want to join into some live lesbian group shows, you can try out Camturbate.com or MyFreeCams.com. These two options are free, but you won’t get to call the action.

Happy hunting!

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