Webcam sex is better when you know how to play safe!

Wearing a mask during webcam sex

Tips on how to keep your online identity private

In a past article, we’ve discussed the importance of shielding your online IP address by using proxy servers. Today, we’re going to chat about cyber sex security at the bedroom level.

First off, understand that webcam sex is all about fantasy. And as far as that goes, it’s a fictional game for consenting adults only. It’s almost always a bad idea to bridge the gap between what is fantasy and what is reality. With that in mind, it’s important to keep your cyber sex identity secret. Never reveal any personal information to any online play friends. Create a fictitious online persona and stick to it. Remember, as fun as they can be, they are total strangers who you know nothing about.

The first step is to secure your cyber sex room. Not showing your face on cam will be a fruitless endeavor if there’s a picture of your family on the dresser behind you. Scan the entire room for physical items which could possibly help identify you or the city you live in (yeah, like that Dolphins poster on the wall). Remove them from your field of view. Mirrors are also a concern. Ensure that nothing from another part of the room is being reflected and broadcast to your webcam sex mates.

Depending on your living arrangements, it might also be a good idea to have a lock on the door. You don’t want your roommate walking in while you’re demonstrating your new sex toy via webcam. That could be awkward.

And finally, we must deal with the issue of facial recognition. Your facial features are the first thing people use to identify you when out in public, or amongst friends and family. The last thing you want is to have your face and genitals going viral on some tube site. I strongly recommend you not show your face on cam, and if you do, wear a mask and wig (for the ladies).  I know some purist and hardcore exhibitionists will frown at this suggestion, but it’s important to look at the big picture here.

Everybody loves to dress up for Halloween. Dressing up for webcam sex can be just as much fun. Head on over to your local party supply store to browse through their collection of masks and wigs. Find something original and sexy. And remember, some masks will cover your entire face, while others will only cover your eyes. Let your sense of adventure be your guide, but don’t loose site of the main goal here, which is to shield your identity.

Wigs are also great fun for the girls, and allow you to get a bit wild by accessorizing your online persona. Try to coordinate and match your wig with your lingerie. The goal here is to have fun, so live it up!

Need some ideas? Visit or and browse the webcam feeds.  Many performers wear masks, and they might be a great source of inspiration when creating your own secret online identity!

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