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Mylie the CFNM cam girl

The following is a guest post by Thomas G.

I come by my fondness of CFNM (clothed female naked male) honestly. Some of my very first sexual fantasies involved having a group of older women watching me masturbate. I imagined myself lying completely naked on my bed, stroking my full erection while my voyeuristic female company watched attentively. I could almost hear there soft voices encouraging me to ejaculate all over my abdomen. They were always turned on by watching me squirt thick jets of semen all over myself.

These fantasies faded as I became older, replaced with carnal pursuits of a more interactive nature. What hasn’t changed is my attraction to professional women who are very confident and assertive in the bedroom. I have a duel identity in the bedroom. I sometimes enjoy being dominant, but at other times, I enjoy being used. It all depends on my mood and the company I keep.

My desire to have a woman watch me masturbate was re-ignited recently when I visited a website that deals with the CFNM Fetish. The site features fully clothed, professional women having their way with nude male strippers. Viewing these videos brought back fond memories of my very first sexual fantasies. Over the next few weeks, I would relive those magical scenarios over and over again in my head while pleasuring myself.

Being recently separated from my wife, I had the opportunity to seek out means of turning my CFNM fantasies into reality. I figured the easiest way to do this would be to search adult dating and personals sites for potential partners. AdultFriendFinder listed several women who were practitioners of the fetish, but none resided within my immediate area. That’s when my search led me to Mylie.

Mylie is a professional webcam model who specializes in CFNM cam shows. You can see a picture of her on She’s an attractive (very exotic redhead with a fabulous body)  28 year old woman with a very warm personality. She loves to watch men strip and masturbate for her while she guides them to orgasm with her warm voice.

I initially got in touch with Mylie by sending her a message using the email form on Alternatively, you can chat with her in real time if her Yahoo button displays an online status. Mylie promptly wrote back to me with both her Skype and Yahoo Messenger account names. Before long, we were chatting in real time and making arrangements for our first cam to cam CFNM date.

What can I say about Mylie. You really have to experience her to understand. She’s very down to earth, cheerful and, oddly, somewhat shy. I must admit, I was expecting a more dominant woman, but that’s not the case here. She’s very much the girl next door. And yes, that is really her in the picture on She does not show her face on the website to protect her identity, but you do get to see her during your CFNM show.

Confidentiality is very important to Mylie. It is also an issue I had some concerns about. Mylie assured me that what happens on Skype, stays on Skype. She informed me that about half of her clients either didn’t show their faces during the session, or they wore masks to conceal their identity. Mylie does not conceal herself during the encounter, as it’s important for the client to be able to look into her eyes as she admires the act that is being performed for her.

Mylie strongly recommended that I use a USB headset with microphone during our session. Sound is very important here. Not only do you need to hear Mylie clearly as she instructs you to perform for her, but she admits to being turned on by the sounds of my breathing and occasional moans.

What follows is a description of our CFNM encounter.

My encounter with Mylie took to the form of a Skype video call. Yahoo Messenger was also an option, but Mylie recommended the former for optimal video and audio quality. The first thing that struct me was how beautiful this girl is. She’s a stunning redhead with long firery red hair. Her personality is cheerful yet also somewhat bashful. She’s very down to earth and easy to talk to. You instantly feel comfortable with Mylie.

Our chat stated with a discussion about my passion of CFNM and how it developed over the years. At this point I cannot emphasize enough how important audio headsets are to this experience. Mylie’s sweet voice still haunts me to this day, and you cannot fully appreciate it unless you’re wearing a decent USB audio headset.

It is during our conversation that Mylie asked me to stand up and back away from my cam so that she could see my full profile. She complimented me on my physique, then asked me to slowly turn for her. She then asked if I would be comfortable removing my shirt. I did as instructed, and once again she purred her approval.

Mylie then made a strange request. She asked me to caress my cock over my jeans – she wanted me to get hard, to see a throbbing bulge in my pants. Needless to say, I reached the aforementioned goal in record time. Little did I know, there was method to her madness.

Mylie was now getting more assertive. She asked me to slowly remove my belt and open my pants, but not remove them yet. She then had me reach into my underwear to pull my cock up so that the tip stuck out of my briefs. This really turned her on. She then asked me to slowly rub the tip while she attentively observed every move.

I was now informed that it was time to remove my pants, but not my underwear. I loved the way Mylie paced our session. The anticipation she was building had me extremely aroused. I could not wait to fully expose and pleasure myself for her enjoyment.

Mylie inquired as to the state of my erection. I informed her that I was fully erect and ready to please. She asked me to remove my underwear in such a fashion as to make my cock spring out to full attention. I did as requested, and she complimented me on how beautiful she though my cock was. She asked me to turn so that she could observe my erection from all angles. I felt like I was being inspected by a drill sargent!

Mylie asked me if I would mind stroking my cock for her while she watched. Needless to say, this was the moment I was waiting for. I sat on my chair, leaned back to get comfortable, and began masturbating while her soft voice guided me to ecstasy. I was nice to close my eyes and just listen to her encouraging words, knowing full well that she was observing my every move.

I was close to coming. Mylie told me to hold back as long as I could, and time my orgasm in such a manner as to ensure a strong ejaculation. She explained to me how watching an erect cock erupt really turned her on. How she loved to watch a guy coat himself in his own cum.

I did not want to disappoint. I build up to my orgasm slowly and methodically, until I was ready to explode. I help my cock upwards to ensure that Mylie would get the best position view on her screen. And then I had one of the strongest orgasms I had had in a long time. My cock, hands and balls were dripping in semen. Mylie complimented me on given her a fine performance.

CFNM cam shows aren’t for everybody, but if you’re looking to indulge in this fetish in a fun and confidential manner, Mylie is the best there is. A truly memorable sexual experience.

You can find her at

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