MyFreeCams vs. Chaturbate – Fight!

MyFreeCams and Chaturbate Review

Review of MyFreeCams and Chaterbate

When it comes to webcam sex, both and offer the best bang for your cyber sex buck. In fact, because both these sites use tipping as their payment model, you can visit and enjoy them for free.

So how do they stack up head to head? Let’s find out.

Criteria 1: Webcam video quality

MyFreeCams must have some kick ass flash servers on their back end, because the frame rate on their webcam feeds are among the best in the business. The trade off here is that you can only resize the video to one of two sizes, both of which can be rather small on larger monitors. The good news is that most of the feeds are crystal clear with nice bright colors.

Chaturbate is less consistent in video quality because the feeds seem to be much more dependent on end user equipment. Some are crystal clear, others are grainy with low frame rates. The good news here is that the site supports full screen mode and allows you to dynamically resize the video window (this feature is only available if you register for a free account).

Verdict: Tie. Both systems have their pros and cons.

Criteria 2: Number of models

MyFreeCams features several pages of top shelf models. The girls featured on the site tend to be very attractive and fit. If you’re into fat chicks, this might not be the site for you! But it’s not only about quality here; the shear number of girls who are broadcasting at any given time is simply stagerring. As far as we can tell, no male models on the site; sorry girls!

Chaterbate features a smaller selection of models, and they come in all shapes and sizes. What they lack in numbers, these girls make up for in enthusiam, as we found several fun feeds to watch. The site also featured several male/female couples, a category that was absent from MyFreeCams. Couples on the later were of the female/female variety.

Verdict: MyFreeCams, just because of the sheer volume of models. But keep in mind that Chaturbate is new, and will grow over time.

Criteria 3: Audio

Both MyFreeCams and Chaturbate offered quality audio to go along with their video feeds. What we found vexing was that the audio volume tended to vary wildly from one model to the next. Quality depended largely on what type of microphone the model was using. Some were very clear, others exhibited lots of echo and background noise. But make no mistake, sound is what really brings the webcam sex experience to life.

Verdit: Tie. Sound quality varies too much from model to model to pick a clear winner.

Criteria 4: Site design

MyfreeCams took a little longer to load, but to be fair, they have a shitload of profiles to display. The large selection of models also probably explains the smaller preview thumbnail sizes. When you select a model, the webcam chat window opens fairly quickly, however, you cannot use your back button to return to the model list. Moving the Homepage button to the left side of the screen would ease navigation, but that’s a small detail.

Chaterbate loaded very quickly with each model thumbnail being represented by a realtime snapshot. we really like this idea, as it gives you a precise preview of what to expect when you open the chat window. The top of the page also has buttons for Male, Female and Couple cams, allowing you to quickly filter the category of your choice.

Verdict: Tie. Both sites are fast and easy to navigate.


It’s very hard to pick one of these sites over the other. They both bring something unique to the table, and can entertain you for hours on end.

The good news is, because both these sites are free, you don’t have to pick one over the other. Registration on both requires nothing more than an email address, a process that is well worth the time as it unlocks several additional features for free.

We really like the free / tipping model. It works well for the customer, and for the webcam models. The performers put their heart into their work in order to earn more tips. Customers never get ripped off, as they only tip when they are satisfied with the performance. Win-win in our books.

This business model has the potential to be a disruptive force in the webcam sex industry. Pay by the minute sites need to take notice; their days might be numbered.

You can visit both sites at and


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