British sex escorts caught on camera

British escorts and call girls caught on camera

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As you’re probably well aware, 99.9% of online porn is boring and repetitive. Being the value conscious voyeurs that we are, we’re always on the lookout for great products that defy conventional wisdom and are actually fun to watch.

Our latest search has led us to the land of the stiff upper lip. Yes, we had to travel all the way across the pond to the UK to find decent porn. What is the world coming to!

You see, our European friends tend to be a tad more open minded when it comes to sex. In fact, sleeping around with the ladies of the night is a well practiced hobby know as punting. And the lads who practice this hobby, known as punters, love to share reviews of their latest exploits online.

One such lad has taken his love of escort sex to the next level. He actually pays the girls for video interviews which her then uploads to the Internet for all to enjoy.

We love this site for many different reasons. First off, these are real female sex escorts, not porn stars. And while the videos feature various sex acts, it’s the interviews before the sex that really give this site it’s sense of reality. The girls talk openly about what life is like for escorts and call girls. It’s just so real and yet so casual.

The site features hundreds of escorts and call girls who have volunteered for interviews and sexual encounters. The site really makes you feel like your a fly on the wall at a hotel where businessmen sleep with hookers.

We give this product our highest recommendation.

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