Spy webcams from a Prague brothel – Big Sister Live

Big Sister Brothel

Watch what happens at the brothel in real time

The Big Sister Brothel is fast becoming one of Prague’s signature tourist attractions. This is no ordinary brothel. You see, clients who visit the establishment get to have sex with the working girls for free.  Now you would think that the lines outside the door would stretch on for blocks – I mean, we all like freebies! But this one comes with a small catch. This is one place where you really, really want to read the small print!

You see, unlike Vegas, what happens in Prague doesn’t necessarily stay in Prague. As far as the Big Sister Brothel goes, what happens behind closed doors gets broadcast in real time over the internet for all to watch. That’s right folks, this is the reality version of free Willy that you don’t want your mom watching.

The site is kinda neat, you get to select from one of several cameras to watch what’s going on in one of the many themed rooms in the brothel. You can even check out what’s happening in the bar area. This site is like crack for voyeurs. The clients come in all shapes and sizes, but the working girls, they all tend to be rather slim and attractive. You might even catch the odd couple showing up for a threesome.

On Saturday nights, the club is closed to the public in order to switch over to it’s alter ego – a full fledged swingers club. Ever want to see what really happens at swinger parties? Well, here’s your chance. You finally get to be the ultimate fly on the wall. This is group sex like you’ve never seen it before. Keep in mind that this club is in Prague, so prime time for them is early afternoon for us. You might want to time your voyeuristic adventures accordingly.

So there you have it. Click on over to The Big Sister Brothel and check it out – who knows, maybe you’ll see someone you know!


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